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Tomasz Trzciński : Polskie melodie, cover albumu
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Polisch Melodies


Enchant with an extraordinary acoustic aura and special Polish character, creating a unique atmosphere at home and by the travel, the „Polish Melodies” will bring many unforgettable impressions and experiences for enthusiasts of moody, tuneful piano sounds. „Polish melodies” are worth knowing, 

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                                   Krzysztof Sitko,

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„The piano music by Tomasz Trzciński, that he performs at his concerts, produces and publishes on CDs and in online media, is extraordinarily exceptional and a lively, virtuous art of improvisation. His expressive, poetic and individually creative music flows directly from the heart and soul of a Polish artist who is fascinated by classics and jazz, by his Polish roots just as much as by European music and by the global culture of music. 
    One of Tomasz Trzciński's outstanding artistic features is his spontaneous ability to effectively link well-known genres of classical piano music to a wide range of demanding forms, tunes, rhythms and colours from other styles of music. Together with his outstanding piano technique and a deep understanding of his instrument, he offers his listeners unforgettable emotions and musical, spiritual and aesthetic experiences. And above all: he is thus developing this direction in art with a personal character and stylistic charm, and opening up new, still unknown horizons to piano music.
    I am very impressed by his original concert art and his valuable achievements, artistic abilities and publications.” #grtchtolowna #lidiagrychtolowna #profgrychtolowna

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